How to Use Flat Iron Hair Safely

With the aid of a flat iron, you can easily get straight hair at home. Ceramic flat irons are considered to be the best as they do the minimum damage to the hair. If proper technique is used to flatten the hair, you can do wonders and get the desired look at home. After straightening, your hair can be kept straighten all day long only if you effectively use the flat iron.

Flat Iron Hair

Read the article carefully how to use it properly from start to finish:

Preparing your hair for heat

For this, you must use the shampoo and conditioners that are specially made for sleek or straight hair. Just look for those hair products that claim to be for straightening or provide moisture to your hair.

After the shower, pat your hair dry. With the help of your towel try to remove the water from your hair locks by mildly squeezing your hair in parts rather than ruffling it harshly with the towel. With this, the excess frizz formed in your hair is removed.

While the hair is wet, apply serum for thermal protection. Make sure that the serum is applied on wet hair as it makes the serum spread evenly on the hair. After, you have applied the serum, please comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb.

Flat Iron Hair

After this blow dry the hair so that they are dry after straightening. On dry hair, the result of the flat iron is better. Also, the chances of your hair getting shocked by heat to get minimal.

Learning the Technique

  1. Once you switch on the iron, you will see the heat setting near the “on” switch. Adjust the heat setting to your desired level of heat. If you hair is frizzier and thicker, then the heat setting should be more than compared to brittle and thin hair for which minimum level of heat setting is required.
  2. The next step is to divide your hair into many sections. A total number of section of the hair vary according to the thickness of hair. To make the hair easily pass through the straightener, each section of hair must be 1 to 2 inches thick.
  3. It is better if you clip or pin the other sections you are not straightening as you straighten one section at a time.
  4. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by pinning up the sections you are not using, behind your shoulders or at the top of your head. Once you are done with one section, pull out one more from the lot and start straightening it in front of the shoulder.
  5. The most appropriate position of keeping the straightener is closer to the roots but beware of burning yourself. Thus, the flat iron rod must be around an inch distance from the scalp for optimum results.

Flat Iron Hair

  1. After all the setting, now move the iron downwards to touch the heated sides and the section of hair must be between them. Be cautious with clamping as it must not be too firm otherwise a ridge can be formed in that section of hair which I am sure you don’t want.
  2. Now starting from the root of the hair up till the ends, move the rod steadily and fluidly. Make sure, you do not hold your straightener to long at one place. This can damage your hair and give your results you are looking for.
  3. Run the rod over the section several times until it is completely straight. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may only have to do this once, or you may need to run the rod through hair several times. This largely depends on the factors listed below:

Every latest hair straightener has got this strength or power associated with it. Thus, it is a very crucial factor that determines the number of times; you would have to run the iron over your hair to straighten it

If you have set the heat setting to a lower level, you would have to run the iron number of times.

Flat Iron Hair

  1. After one section of the hair is done, move it back nicely and take out another section. It is better that you move from 1 direction to the other rather than taking out the sections randomly.

These were the steps to straighten your hair at home with the help of a flat iron. Follow the steps written in the article and you will become a pro after few days of practice. Get away with the hassles of going to a parlor every time you wish to flaunt the straight hair look.

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How to Properly Clean Your Steam Mop

Before starting this section, on a serious note just to let people know one thing that a maintenance that is required for a steam mop is not easy. The information given below can be considered as a guide for cleaning a steam mop. As we all know that the instructions are given in the guide of mop but they have to be followed to ensure that your mop serves a lifetime with you. So let’s discuss the important points that are needed to clean the mop after the cleaning part is finished.

Clean Your Steam Mop

Cleaning of floors without the harsh chemicals can be completed by purchasing a steam mop as it runs on electricity; the only one thing need to do is to add water to the mop. As soon as the temperature of water increase the mop produces the steam that cleans the dirt and grease that is seen on the floor. The product is very time saving and energy saving also. This mop can be used on hard floors, marbles, stone and ceramic surfaces. One thing has to be made sure of is that the device has to be cleaned after use, as it increases the efficiency and life of the mopping product. For this following points are needed to be followed.

  1. Unplug the machine before cleaning

Unplug the machine before cleaning

For cleaning of the mop, things that are needed viz: distilled water, baking soda, mild detergent and soft cloth but yes the most important thing doesn’t forget to unplug the machine. Remember, allow the machine to cool down first and it will take around 15 min. If cleaning part is started before that it is going to affect the cleaning process.

  1. Water tank should be drained

Water tank should be drained

Do empty the tank of the mop always while the process of cleaning. Water in the tank will develop corrosion. To avoid this problem never leave the water in the tank after finishing the cleaning process.

  1. Wash the mopping Pads

Wash the mopping Pads

Floor steamers consist of mop pads that can be washed and used again. Reuse of cleaning pad instead of throwing them is a better idea.For this detach the pad from the mop. Soak the dirty pad in baking soda or detergent so as to start the cleaning process. Let it rest for 15 minutes, so that dirt can come out easily. After that, rinse the pads more than water to remove the detergent. Let it dry outside. Washing machine can also be used, but it has to be done in hot water and dried in the tumbler. Never use bleach to clean the pads, as it can destroy the mopping pads

  1. Scrub the water tank

Scrub the water tank

The next process is to scrub the tank. Use a soft cloth; dip it in the water so as to clean the unit. Wipe the areas properly. Do it very lightly. Use a damp cloth for cleaning the tank from outside. If cloth gets dirty to keep it aside, take a new one and finish the task.

  1. Clean the surface of Steam Mop

Clean the surface of Steam Mop

The damp cloth must be used to clean the surface of the steamers. Lightly wipe it. After wiping, collect all the clothes together and wash them properly in a washing machine.

  1. The water tank has to be reattached to the steam mop

reattach the Mop

Now the next step after cleaning is to reattach the Mop. No need to add water, fill the tank only when you want to clean the floor. Excess water should be removed, and the tank should be dried so as to prevent it from corrosion.

  1. Storage should be proper

After the assembly of all the parts store the mop in proper position and at a proper place. Store it in an area that is free from dust and dirt. Next time when planning to use the mop surely add distilled water for steaming process because it is free from minerals and elevates the performance of the steam mop.

steam mop

Things to consider –

   Do not use any cleaning agent because most of the mops are designed to bear only detergents.

   Never apply bleach in mopping pads as it will destroy the fibers of it and reduces its lifespan also.

Wish that above points should be kept in mind, then cleaning won’t be difficult for anybody and if it’s done properly Mop and Floor both will say THANKS FOR MAKING US SHINE.

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